The team

Mon Mug & Compagnie is a small team passionate about creating and printing! A designer, Julie, and a printer, Emmanuel, who give themselves 100% to offer you articles with fun messages, nice and always qualitative!

Our impressions are made from the most innovative processes, respecting the values ​​that have made the reputation of the brand Mon Mug & Compagnie: quality of clothing and printed media, sustainability of markings, eco-friendly inks, waste reduction production and packaging, and of course a "little onion" customer service!

Our goal: to do everything to satisfy you, from your online order to the delivery of your items!

Created in 2014, the Mon Mug & Compagnie label is distinguished by its original creations and the wide range of printed materials: mugs, t-shirts, sweatshirts, tote-bags, but also candles, clutches, key rings, mirrors. All themes, from Family, Sports, Travel, Expressions, Unicorns, are covered! The collections are declined on a large choice of articles so that our funny, tender or sometimes "trashy" messages make smile the greatest number!

Leslie, Valérie, Emilie "1" and Emilie "2", Céline, Noémie, Pamela, Alexandra, Stéphane came to reinforce our Team as parcels multiplied: so many inspirations, smiles, sneakers heated, and of course stressful to be at the time of lifting packages every day! Together, we have developed the values ​​that made the reputation of Mon Mug & Compagnie, and more than 7500 orders have been delivered to you in 4 years!

In 2018, it's the turning point: we are putting the "little dishes in the big" and we aim high and far by opening our collections internationally! Direction Mauritius, this paradise of the Indian Ocean where the textile industry is historical and qualitative. Non-ogm cotton and untreated with chlorine, textiles made in independent workshops and on a human scale, manual and hand-made printing to order, we develop textile and logistic partnerships to continue to grow and bring you the best of the best of Mon Mug & Compagnie!

The articles

Textiles, mugs and accessories are selected according to strict criteria: non-ogm cotton and untreated with chlorine, making and printing in workshops where good mood and passion prevail, choice of eco-friendly materials and inks non-toxic (no lead, no CMR, no phthalates, no primer or ink rejection in wastewater).

The articles are printed on order and within very short deadlines: 1 to 5 working days on average (we are often faster!), Then packed and shipped to any address of your choice, in France, in Europe or at the foreign!

Your commands

Your order is registered upon validation of your payment! Our teammates My Mug & Company will prepare under 24 working hours the selected items and send them to the workshop for printing: if you want to change your mind (size, color, pattern ...), it is within this deadline we must warn us!

Textile prints require 24 hours of processing (editing, drying, pressing); the mugs and articles in sublimation (key-rings, mirrors ...) are printed "by the minute".

The items are carefully packaged to ensure you a transport without damage: hours of "crash tests" and more than 4000 mugs shipped allowed us to challenge the laws of gravity ... or almost! Once your package ready and labeled to your address, it is removed and sent to you: an email is sent to keep you informed of each step, and our team is at your service to inform you customized.

Your delivery

Your parcels are delivered via DHL, international specialist of the personalized delivery "turnkey": you decide on the place, the date and the time of your delivery!

Packages are shipped with a tracking number that allows you to track the delivery step by step. Packages are delivered by hand, by appointment and at any address of your choice, editable until 2 hours before delivery: no more lost or lost parcels, non-existent notices ... and delays not always nice!

Packages are neutral, only the sender and the consignee are mentioned on the delivery note; we do not resell any data concerning our customers, these are strictly intended for our services for the good treatment and delivery of your parcel.

Your questions

- Is my payment and personal information secure?

No bank details pass through our eboutique and your payment is provided by Paypal, Stripe and 2CheckOut platforms: all sensitive data is encrypted by the most powerful protocols (SSL / SIPS / ATOS). We do not archive or assign any data about our customers to third parties: confidentiality, security and performance are our commitments to you.

- Is the shipment and delivery of my package secure?

We entrust our deliveries to DHL, world leader in express delivery in France and abroad.

Deliveries are made by hand and by appointment at the date, time and place of your choice, modifiable up to 2 hours in advance: it is a "personalized" service "a la carte", which ensures (and we assure) that your order has arrived at "good port". This is a service equivalent to the package "delivered against signature" of the Post / Colissimo, except that it is YOU who decide everything (time and place) until 2 hours before your delivery: no more notice of passage , delivery "ghost" and the lost package! Deliveries are made within 24 to 48 hours in France and Europe (average deadlines); they are secure and personalized.

No delivery is made in simple deposit in mailbox.

- How are the shipping costs calculated ?

Shipping costs are charged according to the weight, volume and delivery address of your package. We take responsibility for 50% of the actual costs incurred for your delivery.

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