Our clothes are made of high quality cotton: "pre-washed" and tinted with the best colors (GOTS label), they are designed to last for a long time! We invite you to choose them carefully ;-)! Each textile is printed to order, custom and just for you!

Tops Ladies

Tee-shirt Men

Tee-shirt Ladies

Sweater Men

Sweater Ladies

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Sweater Kids

We do our best to provide you with the best pictures and descriptions about the size, color and weight of the garments. These parameters may vary very slightly, for example a margin of 5% (less than 1 cm) may occur during the making. Your clothes are unique, just like you! The colors of the textiles presented correspond to photos taken in the studio or under lighting that impacts the color. Slight variations are possible between the picture "screen" and the actual textile (but a navy blue is a navy blue: no bad surprise ;-)!)

IMPORTANT! We do thank you for taking the time to choose your size: our textiles are printed to order, then prepared and shipped carefully to bring you the greatest satisfaction. They sometimes cross the oceans to reach you and thus commit significant human and financial energies: if you are not sure of your choice, our team is at your service to inform you. Except in special cases, we do not exchange articles!

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